Why Join Paparazzi?

Six months ago I signed up for the Discount. That is it. I just loved the jewelry that much and I loved gifting it to others I signed up exclusively for the discount.  I wanted the SUPER Big Kit but I opted for the Middle Kit of 120 pieces of jewelry. Because I knew that I could gift a ton of it. 

Then when I was giving the gift of Paparazzi to my fellow co-workers, friends, and family members they wanted to know where they could get more. Well it turned into me doing Facebook Lives and selling to them, then it turned into my web page that I enjoy managing and selling to people all over the United States of America. 

You see the other reason I signed up is so when I cruise and you all know I love CRUISING! I could take Paparazzi and give it to my Stewards, Waiters, and staff of the boat as a special thank you! 

I am a generous person, and I love making people happy with little gifts. But the BIGGEST Gift I have given myself is the one where I started my own business. 

Jones Jewels Shop! It is MINE. It is my business and I love it. And I love my customers, I love doing lives and talking with them. It is my girl time. 

But the best part is, YOU DO NOT have to build a web page, or do Facebook live shows. If you have spent more than $100 with me in my store, and some of you have, you can get the $99.00 Kit and 35 pieces of jewelry to keep or gift. Then you can buy your own jewelry at a discounted price. You can pick your own goodies.  You can sign up on the waiting list for Fashion Fix to get the exclusive sets every month.  But either way, you get the discount. What you do beyond that is up to you.  I can help with my team that I am a part of, help you get started if you want to make it more. But there is no pressure. 


Join Here: https://paparazziaccessories.com/join/258411/#/ 

Become an even bigger discount shopper and get what you want when you want it.  Christmas is Coming, Back to School is Coming.  Now is the time to sign up so you can save on those Teacher Appreciation Gifts, Neighbor Gifts and so on. 

What is stopping you?  Because Saving money is AWESOME!