Valentines is more than Hearts and Flowers

You know what Friday is? It is #SingleAwarenessDay. It is the day I hated.  And I still hate it. Why? Because everyone puts so much pressure on this day. But what about the other 365 days of the year?

My sweet husband shows me every single day that he loves me. How, by telling me I am sexy even when I feel ugly. By gathering the trash every Monday Morning and taking it to the curb. He takes me out for Coffee almost on a daily basis. He goes for a walk with me and the girls even when he wants to sleep in. 

We met a month before valentines day.  We spent our first Valentines day watching a Mystery Science Theater 3000 Movie Puma Man.  And I cooked us Maddox Turkey steaks. 

To all my Customers out there, find a man who really believes in "The Good and the Bad Times" one who will stand by you when you are at your lowest of the low.  

We have helped each other get out of our comfort zones.  David has helped me explore foods. I have shown him the world.  Before me, David had never traveled  outside of the United States. Now we are seeing the world.  My husband is not one who loves DENTAL work done but he has a great set of teeth.  You see, we compliment each other. He is Quiet and Serious! I am Loud and Obnoxious! But when we are together he comes out of his shell more and he pulls me back in. 

So I guess I am saying, don't settle. Don't get married or date someone just because you do not want to be alone on Valentines Day! Trust me girls it is not worth it. Find that special someone who you do not want to change and that loves you just as you are.  Because that is a love worth fighting for and that is the kind of love that lasts 24/7.