Potty Training A Mothers Dream

Ok, I have potty trained my foster children, I helped potty train the kids I baby sat growing up. My nephews and nieces were all the same as every child before them. You had to BRIBE them to go and use the big person potty.  It is hard work. But you know one big bribe sometimes does not work. But several little bribes can. 

That is what makes Starlet Shimmer so great besides it is only $1.00 per item! You can buy some bling for your little potty princess or prince and reward them with a pull bracelet, a ring, earrings or new hair clip ($5.00) 

But I was reward motivated. I loved things. And what kid does not like having new pretty things to show off to their friends. You can be proud you went in the big potty but you also got a new ring. 

So I call on the Mom's to Unite and Potty Bling is yours for the taking. I am updating a bunch of items today. Get some for yourself, heck it is only a dollar and it is so cute.