Make your Own Fashion Fix

What is your style? Do you like glam, southwest style, modern, as one of my clients says during our lives "Nanny Fran Pieces" (Big Bling), brass, pearls, copper, chunky, geometric, black, floral and natural? What is your style. With Paparazzi Accessories you can mix and match and make a complete set. Because all necklaces come with matching earrings. The rings match several styles and fingers. We have cuff, expandable, tennis, and wrap bracelets. 

Lately my style has been pull bracelets stacked up on my arm. I love Hoop earrings from the HAUTE Tamale collection because of the Glittery flecks in them. 

But below are some of my fashion fix sets that I have made for myself and family members. What I love about the skinny wrap bracelets is that they can also be worn as a choker necklace.  The Tennis bracelets can also be worn as an anklet.  The kids starlet shimmer rings can be worn as toe rings. 

I soak my leather bracelets in essential oils to have natural headache remedies with me. I love doing the same with the lava beads. 

Paparazzi is versatile and fun.