Holiday Traditions and Gift Ideas

The holidays are approaching faster than we want to admit.  This year for Halloween I am giving away Starlet Shimmer Rings, and Earrings, and Bracelets to my Trick or Treating kids. My reason behind this is because I do not want the Candy in the House. I do not need the temptation and the calories or sugar. ( Keto is hard enough) 

But what are some of your Family Traditions for Thanksgiving.  My family plays pass the present Bingo!  That means we have a minimum of 75 Gifts in bags.  My husband and I love to go to the dollar store and fill up the bags with random things.  But we usually double the number of dollar gifts for the game.  (The first time we did this it was a social experiment gone bad)  We get out the Bingo Cards and start calling numbers.  If you get a number on your bingo card you go grab a gift from the pile.  Everyone does this until all the gifts are taken from the middle.  After all the gifts are taken you start grabbing from others piles.  (This is where the social experiment went bad) One of the bags was a Harley Davidson Bag.  Everyone was fighting over that bag. I remember it had Astronaut Ice cream in it.  My brothers in laws were yelling at each other and slamming doors. Kids were crying. I WAS Crying.  So lets just say now that EVERYONE is older and understands the game it is a lot more chill. 

So now my husband and I have Bling Bags. Since the kids and adults are all older we fill the bag with $5.00 Bling from my store, Hair Clips, Starlet Shimmer, Wrap bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Necklace Sets, Lanyards, Urban Male. Then the rest of the bags are Halloween Candy, Starbucks Gift Cards, Microwave Popcorn, Pudding Packs and other random things.  The game has become more fun as everyone gets older and it is a lot more fun.  I love seeing it when they get a Paparazzi Bag and they light up because they have a nice piece. And if the guys get a girl item or vice versa they TRADE.  No one yells, No one Cries.  PEACE and Fun!

For Holiday Parties where you have to bring a White Elephant Gift and the Spending limit is $5.00, Paparazzi makes a great white elephant gift.  Lanyards for the Office Party are popular and if a guy gets it all the better. 

Teachers love the Lanyards, and Starlet Shimmer for their classrooms. Get some for your kids teachers. 

Postal Workers love the wrap bracelets and Leather Pull Bracelets. 

I have a lot of Doctors and they love the Lanyards too. 

Have a Hard to Buy for Sister, get them a Gift Card from my Online Store they can pick out what they want from my large inventory. 

I have the Zi Collection and Fashion Fix items. Perfectly Paired items for any husband to get the perfect set for $20.00, and the Zi Collection is only $25.00 per item.  So it is Budget Friendly Holiday Shopping. 

If you need help making a set, you can always email me and tell me what you are looking for I can pick out some items and send you a photo back by email and if you like what I paired together I can send you an invoice for those items. 


So these are my ideas to share with you, if you ever need help shopping and pairing items, I am your Gal!